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Deploying a GsnCapableDocumentStore

The GsnCapableDocumentStore is a variant of Document Store which allows for relayed transactions. The rest of the functionality mimics that of Document Store.

This guide is for developers who have Ethereum and want to set up a document store that accept gsn relayed transactions for their users.


We will only show example for the wallet and one must change the command accordingly if using another methodwallet)

Deploying via OpenAttestation CLI

You will also need the corresponding address of the Trust Forwarder for your network provided by GSN. You can find the most updated list here or the highlighted below.

GSN Networks

To deploy a GsnCapableDocumentStore you can do so by using the following command. You may replace the <document-store-name> with a suitable name (the name does not matter).

open-attestation deploy gsn-capable-document-store "My Name" 0x25CEd1955423BA34332Ec1B60154967750a0297D --network ropsten

0x25CEd1955423BA34332Ec1B60154967750a0297D is the address of trust forwarder for ropsten provided by GSN

This will deploy the GsnCapableDocumentStore on the ropsten network. You should see a similar output when the deployment is successful:

…  awaiting  Waiting for transaction 0xf4a222c9bcc31ebd202a110568a7798218477482b773f49290e1df8b4936a313 to be mined
✔ success Gsn Capable document store deployed at 0x0d3dFdd82FF13Ff06a336e28CABE465B64fD8168

Save YOUR gsn capable document store address for future reference

After successfully deploying the GsnCapableDocumentStore, you will need to set the paymaster address. This will allow relayers to know which paymaster to request payment from. You can do so with the following command.

open-attestation gsn-capable set-paymaster --network ropsten --gsn-capable-address 0x0d3dFdd82FF13Ff06a336e28CABE465B64fD8168 --paymaster-address 0xcB94584760bCA09e9fa7117C4eE966814f17a306

This allows our client to look up the paymaster address for your contract without additional declaration.

DNS Configuration

Similar to binding the document store to a domain name, you will have to bind the identity of the GSN capable document store to a domain name.

If you like more detailed setup instructions, you may refer to the documentation for configuring DNS.

Take note of the domain you are inserting the records on, you will need this later

Additional Resource

Below is a list of additional resources for more information: