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Identity Mobile App

OA provides its own mobile application to view, store and share Verifiable Documents and Transferable Records.


For the moment, the application is not available on Apple store or Android store. You will need to run it through Expo.

  1. Download Expo Client app Expo Client on apple store Expo Client on apple store
  2. Open Expo and download Identity Wallet app by scanning the following QR Code
identity wallet qr code

🎉 Congratulations, you are now able to use Identity Wallet application.


In order to view a document, open Identity Wallet, proceed to the QR Code tab and scan. Some examples are available on Open Attestation Gallery.

In the gallery you will find 2 different kinds of documents, viewable and storable:

  • Viewable documents can only be viewed (and not stored) in the application. No other actions are permitted.
  • Storable documents can be viewed and stored in the application. Once a document is stored into your wallet you can also share it with others. When you view the document, a QR Code icon will be displayed. Click on it to share your document.

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