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Introduction to OpenAttestation

OpenAttestation is an open source framework for verifiable document and transferable records.

Verifiable Document

Verifiable Document (or verifiable credential) is a tamper-evident document that cryptographically proves who issued it. They are the electronic equivalent of the physical documents that we all possess today, such as: plastic cards, passports, driving licences, qualifications and awards, etc

Transferable Records

Transferable Records are Verifiable Documents which have been extended to define a method for resolution of the owner at any point in time. These records reference properties laid out in the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records. Currently, our only implementation of this is based on ERC721 NFTs.

This allows Transferable Records to be used for documents such as:

  • Title Deeds
  • Bills of Lading

Building with OpenAttestation


I want to create OpenAttestation documents or transferable records


I want to build platform or services on top of OpenAttestation


I want to contribute to OpenAttestation