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OpenAttestation V3 (Beta)


OpenAttestation's latest version seeks to align the data model to W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model for interoperability with other W3C VC wallets.

Data Model Release Status#

Version 3 Data Model is currently in Beta release.

This means that the OpenAttestation data model is feature complete but is likely to contain some known or unknown bugs. Refrain from using version 3 in production environment until the the release status is marked General Availability.

Beta Program#

If you are using OpenAttestation to issue or verify VC, you are encouraged to test out Version 3 as early beta tester. Feel free to get started with the tools and help report issues to our github repository at

Major Changes from V2#

Major changes from the version 2 can be found here.

Tool Compatibility#

While the base data model is feature complete, we are in the work of upgrading the tools and documentations for support of v3. Below are the progress of update for different tools:


Status: Supported



  • wrap: Supported
  • sign: Supported
  • verify: Supported

TradeTrust Website#

Status: Pending

TradeTrust Creator#

Status: Pending

OpenCerts Website#

Status: Supported

Verify Website#

Status: Pending