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Issuing Transferable Record

In this final step, we will create the transferable record and initialize the first beneficiary and holder for the title escrow.


You will require the following:

  • token registry address
  • private key to token registry (key.txt)
  • merkle root of the wrapped transferable record

Issuing Transferable Records

In the example, we will use 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca for as beneficiary and holder. You will need to replace this value with a wallet address you control to be able to perform different actions on the transferable records later.

To issue the transferable record, simply run the following command:

open-attestation token-registry issue -a 0x8431012Bc040942B59e3C5bf428221eab0b2f723 --tokenId 0x0d9839a8034cb783d98bd57bcbaafb4dc3614c4193d2edf8a655c1ec6635b7ea --beneficiary 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca --holder 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca -n goerli -f key.txt

Note to replace the following values:

  • 0x8431012Bc040942B59e3C5bf428221eab0b2f723 with your token registry contract address
  • 0x0d9839a8034cb783d98bd57bcbaafb4dc3614c4193d2edf8a655c1ec6635b7ea with your merkle root (with a 0x prefix)
  • 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca with your beneficiary and holder addresses

Once the document has been issued, you will be able to see an output similar to the following:

ℹ  info      Issuing 0x0d9839a8034cb783d98bd57bcbaafb4dc3614c4193d2edf8a655c1ec6635b7ea to the initial recipient 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca and initial holder 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca in the registry 0x1E63411DC2fCd6Fab5EE938622f5f6A390F48272
… awaiting Sending transaction to pool
… awaiting Waiting for transaction 0xaff547d8f608ca17c4c33acef1788ee0b0cc177abb1efcb868250dbecdde46cf to be mined
✔ success Token with hash 0x0d9839a8034cb783d98bd57bcbaafb4dc3614c4193d2edf8a655c1ec6635b7ea has been issued on 0x1E63411DC2fCd6Fab5EE938622f5f6A390F48272 with the initial recipient being 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca and initial holder 0x6FFeD6E6591b808130a9b248fEA32101b5220eca
ℹ info Find more details at

Congratulation, you have successfully created your first transferable record.

Viewing your transferable record

To view your transferable record, simply head over the (or if you've issued to the Ethereum mainnet). You will be able to drop your transferable record (found in wrapped-documents folder) into the dropzone and see something similar to the following:

Completed Transferable Record

Notice you are able to click on Connect Wallet when logged in to either the beneficiary or holder to gain access to actions to change the ownership of the transferable record.