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Preparing Transferable Record

In this section, we will prepare the DNS and the content of the transferable record to be issued.

DNS Configuration

Similar to binding the document store to a domain name, you will have to bind the identity of the token registry to a domain name.

To do that simply create a TXT record on your domain with the following entry:

openatts net=ethereum netId=3 addr=0x8431012Bc040942B59e3C5bf428221eab0b2f723

You will need to replace the token registry address 0x8431012Bc040942B59e3C5bf428221eab0b2f723 with the address you've got from the previous step.

If you like to use our sandbox DNS for the purpose of the exercise, you may instead run the following command, following the instructions from earlier:

open-attestation dns txt-record create --address 0x8431012Bc040942B59e3C5bf428221eab0b2f723 --network-id 3

If you like more detailed setup instructions, you may refer to the documentation for configuring DNS.

Take note of the domain you are inserting the records on, you will need this later

Creating Raw Transferable Document

Similar to creating a verifiable document, you will need to create a raw JSON file with the content of the transferable record first.

Create a file sample.json in a folder raw-documents:

"$template": {
"name": "main",
"url": ""
"recipient": {
"name": "John Doe"
"issuers": [
"name": "Demo Issuer",
"tokenRegistry": "0x8431012Bc040942B59e3C5bf428221eab0b2f723",
"identityProof": {
"type": "DNS-TXT",
"location": ""

Remember to replace the tokenRegistry value with your token registry smart contract address from previous section and location with the domain you are issuing this document from.

Notice the difference between a transferable record and a verifiable document is the use of tokenRegistry instead of documentStore in declaring the smart contract address.

For transferable record, you may not batch process it with other documents. Your directory raw-documents may only contain one file.

Wrapping Transferable Document

With the raw transferable document, you are not ready to issue the document. Simple run the following command to wrap the sample.json and output it in another directory wrapped-documents:

open-attestation wrap raw-documents --output-dir wrapped-documents

You will see a familiar output with the merkle root of the transferable record after running the command:

✔  success   Batch Document Root: 0x0d9839a8034cb783d98bd57bcbaafb4dc3614c4193d2edf8a655c1ec6635b7ea

Keep this value, the merkle root, for later steps.