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Creating a DID

While there exists many DIDs, this tutorial will focus only on ethr DID. At the moment, OpenAttestation only supports ethr DID.

The creation of an ethr DID is identical to the creation of a wallet, as it relies entirely on the ethereum architecture. Once the wallet will be created, we will need to retrieve its private key:

  1. Create the wallet:

    open-attestation wallet create --of wallet.json
    ℹ  info      Creating a new wallet
    ? Wallet password [hidden]
    … awaiting Encrypting Wallet [====================] [100/100%]
    ℹ info Wallet with public address 0xaCc51f664D647C9928196c4e33D46fd98FDaA91D successfully created. Find more details:
    ✔ success Wallet successfully saved into /home/nebulis/IdeaProjects/open-attestation-cli/wallet.json

    A wallet will be created in the current folder, in the wallet.json file.

  2. Retrieve the private key:

     open-attestation wallet decrypt wallet.json
    ⚠  warning   You are about to reveal the private key of your wallet. Please type the following word into the terminal to prove that you understand the risks: environmental-maroon-scorpion
    ? ack: environmental-maroon-scorpion
    ℹ info User consented to risks
    ? Wallet password [hidden]
    … awaiting Decrypting Wallet [====================] [100/100%]
    ℹ info Wallet successfully decrypted
    ✔ success Wallet information:
    - address: 0xaCc51f664D647C9928196c4e33D46fd98FDaA91D
    - public key: 0x041582ae06ae170b4c5610599c8a5fee37414da84f7e2a3b3c48789199c3202f2c7673f3e32dfead4543247ccb792aa4f54dbd3e701172723434e88f770dd64823
    - private key 0x7b227ac59116f3eeb2b265422cf3cbfbd244c525961fb297eb52153ec62aa845

There are two information to keep very importantly for the next steps:

  • the wallet address (0xaCc51f664D647C9928196c4e33D46fd98FDaA91D in the example above)
  • the private key (0x7b227ac59116f3eeb2b265422cf3cbfbd244c525961fb297eb52153ec62aa845 in the example above)

Please note that you will definitely get different values.

In order to make the tutorial easier to follow, we decided to reveal all the information about the wallet we used, including the private key. We used a throw-away wallet for that purpose. That means that we will never use this wallet again. It's very important that you NEVER SHARE THE PRIVATE KEY of your wallet.

You can check your DID at (for instance with check this url with the example above) )