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Revoking Documents (OCSP)

You can also revoke a document using your own Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responder. Simply put, an OCSP responder would be a service that would respond with the revocation status of a certificate and the reason it was revoked.

Revocation type and location#

You would require a DID document with

  • revocation.type : OCSP_RESPONDER
  • revocation.location:

You should use your own OCSP responder if you have one deployed. Otherwise, you can demo this feature using the Open Attestation OCSP Responder

{  "$template": {    "name": "main",    "type": "EMBEDDED_RENDERER",    "url": ""  },  "recipient": {    "name": "John Doe"  },  "issuers": [    {      ....      "name": "Demo Issuer",      "revocation": {        "type": "OCSP_RESPONDER",        "location": "<OCSP_RESPONDER_URL>"      },      ...    }  ]}

Revoking a document#

Refer to this readme to learn how to add a document to the OA OCSP Responder.