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Revoking Documents (Document Store)

It's possible to revoke a signed document only if you fulfill certain prerequisites. Any future progress can be followed here.


  • an ethr DID (if you've been following the above steps, you should have one already)
  • some kind of DID documents:
    1. base DID document (ISSUER_IDENTITY: identityProof.identifier against ethr DID)
    2. DID-DNS document (ISSUER_IDENTITY: identityProof.identifier against a DNS-TXT)
  • a deployed documentStore, click here for how to do so.
  • before you wrap your document with the wrapper SDK, add a revocation block with these keys:
{  "$template": {    "name": "main",    "type": "EMBEDDED_RENDERER",    "url": ""  },  "recipient": {    "name": "John Doe"  },  "issuers": [    {      ....      "name": "Demo Issuer",      "revocation": {        "type": "REVOCATION_STORE",        "location": "<DEPLOYED_DOCUMENT_STORE_LOCATION>"      },      ...    }  ]}
  • note that the <DEPLOYED_DOCUMENT_STORE_LOCATION> is your documentStore location, it must be deployed on the ethereum block chain (for now. Further implementations will relax this requirement so that DID documents will truly be gasless).
  • wrap your document, sign it and appending the signature to the document (follow the tutorial)

Revoking a document:#

  • once you have achieved the prerequisites, you would have a document that could be revoked on a deployed documentStore.
  • how one does this is by simply invoking the command to revoke a document from the ethereum flow (use the cli):
open-attestation document-store revoke --address <DOCUMENT_STORE_LOCATION> --hash <HASH_OF_DOC(S)>  --network <NETWORK> --encrypted-wallet-path <PATH_OF_WALLET>

Misc questions:#

Q: hey you mentioned that if I use DID documents, I would not need to pay for transactions, but following this flow, I would still have to pay for at least 1 transaction (deploying a documentStore), what gives?

A: yes, you are right, for now this implementation will still need at least 1 transaction to the ethereum blockchain. We are working on this so please be patient and watch this space.`

Q: this might be a weird question but I did not issue any documents from the deployed documentStore, how am I able to revoke this document from said documentStore when in the first place, I did not even issue anything?

A: long story short, the revocation mapping in the documentStore is a separate mapping from the issued mapping. If you would like to deep dive into the implementation, please do look at the deployed Smart Contract Solidity code for the documentStore in etherscan.