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Signing Documents

After wrapping the documents and obtaining a merkle root, the documents are ready to be signed on the document store smart contract. Each documents will be signed individually, and the proof of the signature will be appended into the signed documents.

Signing the documents#

open-attestation sign ./wrapped-documents --od ./signed-documents --public-key did:ethr:0xaCc51f664D647C9928196c4e33D46fd98FDaA91D#controller --key 0x7b227ac59116f3eeb2b265422cf3cbfbd244c525961fb297eb52153ec62aa845

In the example above:

โœ”  success   Signed documents saved to ./signed-documents

Verifying the documents#

Head to and drag and drop one of the wrapped documents. The document will be verified, then displayed.

Successful verification

๐ŸŽ‰ Congratulations, you have completed the getting started guide to create your own Verifiable Document!