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Issuing Documents

After wrapping the documents and obtaining a merkle root, the documents are ready to be issued on the document store smart contract. To issue a batch of documents, we will use the merkle root that will be appended to the list of issued documents on the document store. This issuance only needs to be done once for all documents in a batch.

Issuing the documents

open-attestation document-store issue --address 0xBBb55Bd1D709955241CAaCb327A765e2b6D69c8b --hash 0x80cc53b77c0539fc383f8d434ac5ffad281f3d64ae5a0e59e9f36f19548e1fff  --network goerli --encrypted-wallet-path wallet.json

In the example above:

You will be prompted for the password that you used while creating the wallet. You will see a message after completion of the command:

✔  success   Document/Document Batch with hash 0x80cc53b77c0539fc383f8d434ac5ffad281f3d64ae5a0e59e9f36f19548e1fff has been issued on 0xBBb55Bd1D709955241CAaCb327A765e2b6D69c8b

Verifying the documents

Head to or and drag and drop one of the wrapped documents. The document will be verified, then displayed.

Successful verification

🎉 Congratulations, you have completed the getting started guide to create your own Verifiable Document!