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Revoking Documents

After issuing a document, you might want to revoke it for any reason:

  • the information provided by the recipient was wrong.
  • the information in the document are outdated.
  • there is a problem in the document.
  • etc.

Revoking a document#

open-attestation document-store revoke --address 0xBBb55Bd1D709955241CAaCb327A765e2b6D69c8b --hash 0x1e0c5e93c04032ed6571b31c785b963f0a27776041f35bdcc98cd8dfe073adc0  --network ropsten --encrypted-wallet-path wallet.json

In the example above:

  • address is the document store address, for instance the one created with the Deploying Document Store guide.
  • hash is the value of targetHash field of one of the previously wrapped documents (open one of the file, head to the bottom and check for the targetHash in the signature object.

You will be prompted for the password that you used while creating the wallet. You will see a message after completion of the command:

โœ”  success   Document/Document Batch with hash 0x1e0c5e93c04032ed6571b31c785b963f0a27776041f35bdcc98cd8dfe073adc0 has been revoked on 0xBBb55Bd1D709955241CAaCb327A765e2b6D69c8b

Verifying the document#

Head to or and drag and drop the revoked document. An error will be displayed by the portal.

Successful verification

The other document will still be valid.

Revoking multiple documents#

If you open the previously wrapped documents side by side, you will notice:

  • they have a different targetHash: it uniquely identifies any document
  • they have the same merkleRoot: it uniquely identifies any group of wrapped documents.

When you revoke a document you can use any of those hash, but the result will be different depending on the one used:

  • when using the targetHash, only the document will be revoked.
  • when using the merkleRoot, all the documents wrapped together (in the same batch) will be revoked.

If you run again the command above, by using the merkleRoot of the documents, then will all be revoked.