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Creating a wallet

The first step that we will need to go through, is the wallet creation:

open-attestation wallet create --output-file wallet.json --fund ropsten

Using --fund ropsten will automatically add ethers to your wallet on the ropsten network.

During the creation, you will be prompted for a password. Make sure to remember it for the following steps. You will see a message after completion of the command:

ℹ  info      Creating a new wallet? Wallet password [hidden]…  awaiting  Encrypting Wallet [====================] [100/100%]ℹ  info      [ropsten] Added fund to 0x10cFd56E11e7d66C8d0716Cd2D6B847Cb17ABeeDℹ  info      Wallet with public address 0x10cFd56E11e7d66C8d0716Cd2D6B847Cb17ABeeD successfully created. Find more details:✔  success   Wallet successfully saved into /home/nebulis/IdeaProjects/open-attestation-cli/wallet.json

A wallet will be created in the current folder, in the wallet.json file.

In the example above, the public address for the wallet is 0x10cFd56E11e7d66C8d0716Cd2D6B847Cb17ABeeD. You will definitely get a different value.

Make sure ethers have been added into your wallet. You will need some for the next steps. Head to etherscan (}) and verify the balance. You should have 1 ether. For instance, for the wallet created above, the URL is

After few minutes, if your balance stays empty, you can try to use a different ether faucet for ropsten network. For instance :