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Deploy Document Store with Web app

This guide will help you to deploy a document store using one of the available web application. You will find more details about document store on the main guide page

Currently, there exists 2 web application:


  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Metamask setup

Admin Interface

Change Metamask Network to Goerli

Connecting Metamask to Goerli

Connect Metamask to the Ethereum goerli network by selecting Goerli Test Network in the Google Chrome plugin's header. You may be asked to log in at this step if you have not done so.

Connect Metamask to Web App

Admin Interface

To interact with the OpenCerts Admin Portal web app, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet. Select Metamask on the web app to connect it to your Metamask wallet.

Metamask Connection Request

Click on Connect to allow the web app to interact with Metamask wallet.

Deploying Document Store Smart Contract

Filling in Organization name

Enter your organization name as the Issuer Name and click Deploy to deploy the document store as an Ethereum smart contract.

Confirming Transaction

After clicking on Deploy, you will be asked to confirm the transaction in a separate popup. Click Confirm to continue.

Successful deployment

Once your document store smart contract has been successfully deployed, you will see the success message with the document store address. In the example above, the document store address is 0x56Fffcd6A79b65d911ee42Bc077DE8cFe9fAdeD4, please do NOT use the Transaction ID.

Save the document store address somewhere as the web app does not keep track of your document store addresses.