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Issue Document with Web app

This guide will help you to issue a hash using one of the available web application. You will find more details about issuing on the main guide page

Currently, there exists 2 web application:


  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Metamask setup
  • A document store
  • A merkle root

Issuing the document

Issuing Interface

After connecting Metamask, you will be logged into the web application. First, you need to enter the document store smart contract address from the previous guide into the "Store address" field. Then, select "Issue Document Batch" on the navigation on the left.

Paste the value of merkleRoot from the document into the field and click on "Issue". You will need to confirm your transaction on Metamask.


  "signature": {
"type": "SHA3MerkleProof",
"targetHash": "aca8c3aac94fcdb68b504b38fda22633c798d76c744e5ac37f945c314f03637a",
"proof": [
"merkleRoot": **"76a934e2ce9db63cb5e54bed8ac965a8937ee9e823b894ccf6569141187a475c"**

For this document, 76a934e2ce9db63cb5e54bed8ac965a8937ee9e823b894ccf6569141187a475c is the value you need to issue.

Issuance Success

Once the merkle root has been issued, you will see the success message "Batch has been issued".